Joe Dzialak

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by scadmins
I’ve been playing guitar as long as I can remember, and playing out in bars for almost 30 years. Some of my earliest bands were Prophecy and Jynx, while in the late 80’s thru the early 90’s I was in the Buffalo Music Award winning band ‘White Lies’ and at that time I won the award for Best Hard Rock Guitar in the Buffalo Music Awards two years in a row.

Originally I started only on guitar, but while jamming with the band ‘The Jukes’ I started singing lead… Later, I founded, played guitar, and sang lead vocals in the original band ‘Burn’ in the mid 90’s. After that, I became the lead singer/guitarist in the trio Dreamland, then went on to form Eve’s Apple, and Last Revolution. I also ran the Tuesday night open mic at Brennan’s Bowery Pub in Williamsville, NY for three and a half years.

In addition to performing in SuperCharger, where I play lead guitar, and add sonic textures and lots of harmony vocals, I also work on various projects in my home studio with other bands and projects both locally and nationally.